SAT prep classes begin Jan. 28

Students will review key math and English skills


Lindsey Douglas

Students hit the books in one of Mrs. Lisa Ford’s math classes.

Quinn Leous, Reporter

Beginning on Jan. 28 the school will begin offering a SAT class for both sophomores and juniors until the week of the March test. 

The English portion of the course will be led by English teacher Ms. Laurie O’Brien, and the math part of the course will be instructed by math teacher Mrs. Rachel Ludington. 

This course hopes to cater to a lot of different “SAT needs,” as there will be a wide range of students participating. O’Brien said that the course is not just about taking practice tests. 

“This class is designed to expose students to the test, to break it down by types of questions and strategies and then to offer ways to approach them, and we do lots of short practice. In other words, we don’t spend an hour or even more just taking tests,” she said in an email.

O’Brien emphasized that there is no specific level of student that this class is made for, but instead that the class is open to all. 

She said in an email, “We have had students take the class who have received almost-perfect scores, and we have students who have a goal of breaking 1000, and everything in between. The class is accessible to all levels.” 

O’Brien said she believes that this is a convenient option for students and their parents that are  looking for insight regarding the SAT. “I think many parents and students were (and still are) looking for an affordable SAT prep option right here on campus. We start at 6:30 p.m. so that students can still go to practices and rehearsals.”

O’Brien acknowledged that this may not be the best or most convenient option for all students. In turn, she offered advice for students who are wishing to do well on the SAT but are not able to attend the class. 

She said in an email, “Do something to prepare and practice, to put yourself in the best position to do well.” 

You could do online practice: Khan Academy and College Board both have free materials. You could buy a book and do practice on your own. You can go over the recently-returned PSAT and see what kinds of questions you missed.”

According to O’Brien, the class still has spots open for students, and the sign up may be accessed on the school website.