Face Off: I did keep my New Year’s resolution

Face Off: I did keep my New Years resolution

Quinn Leous, Reporter

I think New Year’s resolutions can provide a really beneficial opportunity for those who are struggling with putting their goals into action. This new year, I had a couple goals in which I have now been attempting to follow for two a little more than three weeks. 

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be a more healthier individual by eating less junk food and working out more. So far in 2019, I have definitely eaten healthier. I’ve eaten way more vegetables, fruits and protein over the first few weeks of January. However, it’s tough to stay away from junk food all together, so I have indulged in some chips or candy here or there as well. 

In addition, I have began to work out much more than I did in previous years. I started going to the gym much more than I have in the past, as I know this will benefit me in the long run. However, I do acknowledge that this can be a tough task to keep up for an entire year, as it’s very easy to start eating poorly and working out less again.

Overall, I think I’ve been healthier this year and have kept with this New Year’s resolutions for the most part. My other one, however, I have not been very successful at keeping. I told myself that this year I was going to spend less time on social media, whether that is Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. I have not done a very good job at limiting my usage of these apps this year. 

I’m used to being on social media for significant amounts of time during the day, as most people probably have as well. I have just found that it is extremely difficult to spend time away from something that our society uses so much. Most high school students are almost constantly checking their social media. Whether it’s just checking your favorite celebrity’s Instagram page, searching Twitter for hilarious content, or catching up with friends over Snapchat, social media unfortunately controls most of our lives. Slowly but surely, I hope to decrease the amount of time on social media.

I am attempting to place limits on the amount of time I spend on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, as this will hopefully decrease the need to be on my phone as much as I usually am. This resolution will definitely be difficult to continue to improve upon, but I’m willing to take this challenge on. 

Overall, I just think that New Year’s resolutions give many a significant push in pursuing those goals that they have wished to achieve for a long time. By keeping our New Year’s resolutions, people can gain more confidence in themselves and those around them as well.