Student safety drives decision to cancel classes

Principal notes benefits of eLearning Day


Cathedran file photo

Principal Mr. Dave Worland said safety of the students is always the first priority when he makes a decision about delaying or canceling school. Here he speaks to the newspaper staff during the 2017-2018 school year.

Charlie Vielee, Reporter

Via an emailed reply to a reporter’s questions, Principal Mr. Dave Worland explained the process he used to determine that Jan. 30 would be an eLearning Day.

The main factor, he wrote, is safety. Worland said he checks up on the travel conditions and the morning commute to ensure the safety of the students as they travel to school, some on school buses but most in their own or their parents’ cars.

Worland also noted the value of eLearning Days rather than just canceling classes. “Virtual learning is a proven educational practice, so it’s helpful for students to learn and receive help from teachers while staying safe from the harmful weather outside their homes. One downside of (eLearning Days) are when there are assemblies or Masses scheduled for that day.”

The principal said that in the event school is closed on the day of an assembly or Mass, he does his best to reschedule those events in the next several days after school resumes.

As of 1 p.m. on Jan. 30, no decision had been announced regarding any change, either a delay or cancellation, to the Jan. 31 school schedule.