Candygram sale benefits leukemia patients

National Honor Society donates candy for the cause


Ava Amos

Senior Joshua Hall and sophomore Madison Ackley promote candygram sales.

Ava Amos, Reporter

Candygrams are being sold in support of blood and cancer patients for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

“Candygrams are funded and prepared by the National Honor Society and (math teacher and NHS co-moderator) Mrs. (Lisa) Ford,” said sophomore Madison Ackley. She also that Ford agreed to donate the profits to her campaign for the Society.

The same charity and program received the profit through another student, senior Gracie Gumino. Last year Gumino made and donated about $600 from the fund raiser. Each candygram costs a dollar, and all the candy that comes with them is donated by the National Honor Society.

“CHS participates in philanthropic events when faculty and staff are inspired to participate themselves. If someone does wish to raise money via Cathedral, you must first talk to (chemistry teacher) Mr. (Howard) Fogel, who is the philanthropy coordinator for the school. He has helped tremendously with my fundraising,” Ackley said.