Another successful Winterfest is in the books

Senior James Wayne wins the Golden Paddle


Lauryn Woods

His fans greet junior Nick Victor as he enters the Welch Activity Center for the Golden Apple. Victor was not victorious.

Quinn Leous , Reporter

The Feb. 13 Winterfest celebration was full of events that riled each class up against each other — but in a good way. However, the two events that stood out to most was the Latin Dance performance and the intramural basketball game, due to their ability to get the entire school on their feet and engaged.

The most notable event the Winterfest assembly was the Latin Dance performance by select junior and senior couples. The group had worked on learning the dances for over a month and have participated in practices every week to prepare for the event.

Senior Marita Christopher said she enjoyed being a member of the Latin Dance team. “It is really just a great time. I get to go out there and do something that I really enjoy. Sometimes it’s a bit of an adrenaline rush, but being a part of Latin Dance has been completely worth it,” Christopher said.

Senior Sam Phillips has been a member of the Latin Dance team all year and offered some advice to underclassmen who may not know about the activity. “This is a good opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone. You just have to go for it, and you will have a really great time,” Phillips said.

The intramural basketball championship proved to be an event that everybody could enjoy. The game was full of hustle plays, jeans shorts, three pointers, and even a dunk by senior Audie Huser. The jersey team was able to win 16-13 in overtime after a long three-pointer by senior Colin Prince.

After the conclusion of the contest, senior Stuart Gomez provided some insight on his team’s loss and the game itself. “It was truly a blessing to be able to play the game of basketball today in front of the entire school. I thought we could have easily won the game, but we decided to make it interesting. My team and I had nothing to be ashamed of, especially since it was a great opportunity for me to show off the quads I’ve been working on,” he said.

The final event of the assembly, as is the tradition, was the Golden Paddle. Senior James Wayne defeated junior Nick Victor.