It’s a labor of love for French students

More than 700 Valentines are placed on lockers


Charlie Vielee

French student made 700 hearts for Valentine’s Day and placed them on lockers. All of the romantic messages were written in French.

Charlie Vielee , Reporter

This year for Valentine’s Day, Mr. Gary Spurgin, Mrs. Kathy Darnell and the French classes decided to do something special for their students to help get the school in the romantic mood at the same time. 

Spurgin said when thinking about what French teachers should do for Valentine’s Day this year, they found some French sayings that were related to Valentine’s Day, so they decided to create an assignment.

French students each wrote about six sayings on six different hearts and then put them up on lockers around the school. In total, the French classes filled out approximately 700 hearts.

If a students happened to find one, they could redeem the heart by having a French student help them translate it. Once it was translated, the students could report to Spurgin’s classroom in Kelly Hall and receive candy. Not only did this help students calm their sweet tooth, it helped the French students reinforce their vocabulary skills, Spurgin said.