Kevin Hart shows his drama skills in “The Upside”

Film shows the true story of friendship


Samuel Haselby , Film Critic

There are many movies with well-known actors changing their style, from Robin Williams’ dramatic role in “Good Will Hunting” and Jim Carrey foregoing his outlandish goofiness for the film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

Now we can see not one but two comedians transform in more of serious roles in the new release “The Upside.” This movie is a true story that is portrayed beautifully by two men, Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston, who are typically talented in making people laugh.

Hart shifts his gears from exclusive comedy into a more heartfelt roll. His character is difficult to side with, but by the end of the film, the audience cannot help but want the best for him.

Many worries were sparked once movie goers saw that Cranston, who often portrays sensational animated characters, was going to play quadriplegic writer and business mogul Philip Lacasse.

Once the credits rolled, those worried were put soundly to sleep with dreams of hope swirling around with elegance. Cranston has his fair share of dramas under his belt, such as his role as Mr. White in the critically acclaimed show “Breaking Bad,” but this is Hart’s first serious drama.

Despite his lack of dramatic experience, Hart plays his part beautifully. He makes a man who can’t even move feel like he’s flying and changes his skill of making millions laugh into being able to make them cry.