Plan in place to repair parking lot potholes

Varying temperatures create asphalt problems


Emma Kress

Once the weather improves, these potholes between the junior lot and circle will be filled.

Emma Kress, Reporter

Every winter, the familiar sight of potholes appears on the roads. This year, they may seem more familiar than usual, as drivers must navigate around them in school parking lots, especially between the junior lot and the circle.

Vice President for Operations Mr. Jim McLinn ’70 wrote in an email, “Some of the ‘worst first’ potholes have been filled on two separate occasions already this winter. The maintenance staff will continue to monitor them as we move from winter to spring. And the constant freeze and thaws of this winter have created a tough situation. As the potholes have been filled across the campus asphalt driveways and parking lots, cold temperatures and moisture in the form of both rain and snow has made it difficult to stay out in front of potholes forming.”

Preparations have been set in place in order to fix future potholes brought by this year’s winter. McLinn said, “Turfdogs snow removal and EMS maintenance staffs are maintaining an awareness of the weather forecast on a daily basis and planning ahead for more inclement weather.”

With any luck, pothole season will be over soon. “The first day of spring is March 20, which usually signals the start of less winter weather and warmer temperatures. But we do live in Indiana and weather changes back and forth on a daily basis,” McLinn wrote.