Exchange student experiences America


Madi Tran, Reporter

For sophomore Patricia Mostaza, 4,181 miles and a six-hour time difference separates her family and her. Mostaza is from Madrid, Spain, but will attend Cathedral until the end of the year.

“(I arrived here) on the sixth of August  and will leave (Indianapolis) at the beginning of June,” Mostaza said.

At first, Mostaza did have some preconceived notions about America. “I saw America as celebrities, New York, LA and all that, but now I realize that it’s not like that,” said Mostaza.
Mostaza noticed differences between Americans and the Spanish. Mostaza said, “I feel like (Americans) are friendly a lot, but I feel like in Spain everyone is more active.”

Not only are there differences in the culture of the two countries, but there is a contrast in schooling as well. “I like (school) better here, because you have more options out of all the classes you can choose,” Mostaza said. “I like the people and as I said, all the different classes I can take.”

Mostaza enjoys photography and says it is her favorite subject. “(I like) photography. I’ve never taken photography before, said Mostaza.

Mostaza admires how diligent the American people are. “I think (Americans) are more hardworking and have more imagination,” she said.

Speaking English is no problem for Mostaza due to the fact that she has studied it since she was young. “I started learning English when I was 3 at school, so it was more routine,” said Mostaza. “For me it was really easy. I also went to an academy.”

Though Mostaza enjoys her time in America, she prefers living in Spain. “I like Spain, so I don’t think (I would move to America). Maybe if someone gave me the opportunity in the future,” said Mostaza.

Mostaza sometimes longs for the daily life she had in Spain. Mostaza said, “I miss my family, my friends, the food and the city.”

There are a number of ways that Mostaza stays connected to her family and friends while living in America. “I have WhatsApp, it’s like a messenger and also I Skype with my family and friends very often. I Snapchat with my friends, I’m always Snapchatting,” said Mostaza.

After Mostaza goes back to Spain she plans to keep in touch with her host family. Mostaza said, “My host sister (Bailey Snyder) is going (to Rome) with her mom, so they may come to Spain after that. I hope (to keep in touch) with them.”

In her free time Mostaza enjoys spending time with her friends, among other activities. “I like to hang out with my friends and I’ll text them to do something, but when I’m home I like to watch TV and read,” Mostaza said, “I also love to travel.”