Editorial: Black History assembly was amazing

Wide range of talent was on display


Cathedran file photo

The gospel choir performed at the Black History Month assembly.

Megaphone Staff

As students watched from their seats last week, the Welch Activity Center was energized with amazing performances from several African American students here on campus. The performances were electric, with everything ranging from reading poems to singing to musicians playing violins.

One performance that truly rocked the gym was a song performed by junior Janay Zak. She chose sign “This Girl is on Fire” by the famous singer-songwriter Alicia Keys. It was a passionate performance that garnered a standing ovation from the entire student body.

The assembly was moving with excitement as the audience watched as the lives and accomplishments of so many African Americans were celebrated as well. Just a few of those mentioned were singers like Aretha Franklin and Keys to inspirational speakers such as Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

It is also should be noted the amazing performance of the gospel choir. And Mr. Ken Barlow ‘82, vice president for community relations and diversity, not only spent lots of hours organizing the event, but he provided a spirit conclusion to the assembly. Mrs. Jean Smith ’97, executive assistant in the advancement office,  also should be noted for all of her work.

As the students exited the assembly, they were left with a powerful message on which to reflect. No matter your race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, you matter and have the ability to make change in this world by sharing your talents. 

Do not be held back by what others say you cannot do. Embrace the differences within cultures, because that is exactly what makes this world so special. This is a core value that has been and continues to be vital to our school’s success.