Home game? There’s a good chance Big Red is there

Junior shows off his enthusiasm, school spirit


Annika Garwood

At a men’s basketball home game against South Bend Riley, junior Andrew George sits in the second row of the student section during an Irish time out. George attends every home event that he can, always sporting the theme and cheering on the Irish.

Audrey Gerdts, Reporter

You might know him as the kid who kicks the football in the courtyard on warm — and sometimes not-so-warm — days. Or you might have recognized him during both the men’s and women’s basketball seasons at almost every home game. 

But for junior Andrew “Big Red” George’s favorite aspect about the school is the family that inspires him to lift up his schoolmates.

George is kind of a big deal to the school. He attends every home game he can and is always ready to support other students. George has earned his nickname from his fellow students and it adds to his character. Big Red has made a name for himself around the school by simply being there for other people, even those he does not know.

In his freshman year, George wore an all-red outfit to cross-country practice and someone came up with the nickname. Then at school, they still called him “Big Red,” and the name spread throughout the school and stuck. When telling the story of his moniker, Big Red laughed and smiled at the memory of the start of his Cathedral legacy.  

Along with his positive personality the nickname brought together a supportive spirit. George said, “I want to be leprechaun senior year to give back and have a good time, I think it would be amazing to look back at my years in high school as being the leprechaun and bringing people together to represent our school.” 

Whenever a new sports season comes around, Big Red is one of the first student supporters in the stands. He reaches out to friends, classmates and acquaintances to fill the student section.

Close friend and fellow junior Braden Estes gave his perspective on Red. He said, “He now is the most spirited fan I have ever seen in any venue. He always brings the heat and leaves with no voice left. Every time I sit with him at a game, he is either in a nervous breakdown or wildly elated. Big Red takes pride in Cathedral and shows it at every game he goes to, which is a lot of games. 

“Once you get past the red track suit and glasses, you’ll find a guy who has a ton of school pride and spirit.”

With the schedule of a high school student, George makes every contest he can and almost never misses a home game.  In response to being asked about how he thought he affected the other students in the school he said, “Positively. Love and support for each other goes to support everyone in our Cathedral family.”

During the volleyball season, the junior came to games so frequently he started being treated more like a manager, so Red ended up with his own team shirt, bus rides with the team and a place on the bleachers at a couple games to help cheer.  

As a positive, motivational figure in the school, he is welcoming to new students. When asked what his favorite characteristic about the school, he answered, “The Cathedral family. Everyone is always there for each other and the level of support here is incredible.”

Freshman Gabi Hill also said, “He is a friend to everyone, always encouraging me and others to keep going. He makes high school a better experience.”

Big Red described himself in one word: “encouraging,” and said, “I think it is all about finding the depth in yourself and others.” 

George’s strong words and consistent positive attitude bring comfort in the school setting and confidence in every individual’s abilities. Big Red said, “Thanks for the support, and I hope that through what I do I can give the same amount of support back.”  

Sometimes it is difficult for people to find their place, but as Big Red said, “At the end of the day, we’re all in this together and someone’s got to be the one in the stands.”