Thankful for: Democracy


Tommy Callaghan, Reporter

The two best things about November are Thanksgiving and, once every four years, election season. After over six months of anticipation, the election season is over. Clearly, everyone has an opinion over what has transpired over the past months. Whether Donald Trump’s election is the best or worst thing to happen to the United States, we always have something to be thankful for. Something a lot of people look over is that they had a chance to do something unique when Election Day came. They had the opportunity to vote. In certain countries around the world, citizens’ voices are oppressed by those people who are supposed to lead them and do what is best for their country. In the United States, people can overlook the blessing voting is. It is always better to take advantage of being a citizen of the United States and use the constitutional right of voting. Now, nearly two weeks after the election, we can see the democratic process in its full effect. People saw how crucial an individual vote is. Battleground states tend to be deciding factors in elections and, even better, don’t necessarily lean toward one party or the other. It was those states that swayed the election in the end. As we are in a time of thanksgiving, it is important to reflect. Voting is an essential practice and helps to build the foundation on which America was built. It is important to be thankful for.