Prom will incorporate Vegas theme

Tickets will go on sale March 27


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The 2016 prom took place at the Crane Bay in Downtown Indianapolis, and that will be the venue for this year’s prom as well.

Madi Tran, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On April 27, juniors and seniors will get the opportunity to go to Las Vegas, in a sense. This year’s prom theme will be Viva Las Vegas. English teacher and Prom Moderator Mrs. Lisa Blamey said in an email the Vegas inspired theme was chosen by the Junior Class.

She said,“Kids chose it based on their junior Homecoming theme and wanted to carry it through. We also plan to incorporate some fun gaming tables to help carry out the theme.” 

Junior Marcelle Blanchet, who is a class officer and helped plan prom, said, “The theme was selected by the intriguing and new aspects it brought to the table. While the access we have to lights, seamlessly fits with the Las Vegas theme.”

Las Vegas is known for its casinos and to keep with the theme, at prom there will be gaming tables available for attendees to enjoy. 

Blamey said, “In addition to dancing and food, we will have gaming tables. Kids will be able to play roulette, craps, black jack and Texas hold ’em.  Students will receive playing chips to use in the games.” She added, “All the games are being played strictly for fun and to fit in with our theme. No money is being exchanged.”

In addition to the gaming tables, Blanchet says that there are more elements that will make prom night one to remember. 

She said, “Big surprises are in store. Several different aspects will be added to prom to enhance the very theme of Las Vegas and entertain the students. They will be discovered the night of prom.”

Though the moderators play a big part in the planning process, students also have a role in organizing prom.

“(Prom is put together) by the junior class officers and the prom committee under the guidance of Katie Klee and (myself),” Blamey said.

Blamey said that her role is important as a prom moderator, but students have a crucial role as well. 

She said, “While the moderators book the venue and set the budget, the students choose theme, food and decorations. (My role was to) guide students with budget and making choices.”

To fund prom, the class officers made sure to raise money, rather than taking from the school’s budget. 

“Prom is all based on fundraising. Not a lick of prom comes out of Cathedral’s bank account. We raise money through the tickets and donut sales among other things,” Blanchet said.

In order to make sure prom night runs smoothly, planning starts long before. This entails finding a venue and decorating the venue, among many other aspects. “(The) venue (is) booked years ahead. In particular, planning begins in January,” Blamey said. 

Blamey said there are many important pieces in play in order to have a successful prom. 

These aspects and planning in advance are both needed to have a successful prom. 

“After the venue has been booked, (there is) lots of planning with students regarding decorations, food, tickets and etc,” Blamey said.

Blanchet says that a necessary part of prom planning is making the event an inclusive and enjoyable experience. “Certain aspects that go into making prom successful is the little details and not procrastinating. 

While also not just reaching our own opinions but the opinions of the people around us. 

Example is food, we wanted a wide variety that everyone can enjoy,” Blanchet said.

This year prom will take place at Crane Bay Even Center, which is located at 551 W. Merrill Street in Downtown Indianapolis. The location was chosen due to the school hosting a past prom there before. Blanchet said, “The venue was booked two years ago by the Junior Class officers, Mrs. Blamey and Mrs. Klee, and the soonest opening was this year, 2019. It was a fan favorite when it was first used by Cathedral a while ago.”

Blamey said, “We held prom here in 2016 and loved it. The next available date was 2019, so we booked it.”

Blanchet said, “The space will reflect the theme by the classy look the venue has itself. While also lights will be a big part of the decorations. In addition the Las Vegas theme will be brought out through unique touches such as numerous amounts of cards and center pieces.” 

Blamey said, “(Tickets will go on sale) on March 27 through April 12 for $65 and $75 on April 14 through April 17.”