Students are reminded of service hours deadline

Hours must be reported on MobileServe app by April 29


Rylan Harvey

Students participated in the school’s annual day of service last fall.

Caitlin O'Connor, Reporter

It’s not too late to think about completing service hours, reporting those hours on the MobileServe app and doing so by the April 29 deadline.

Administrator for Christian Service Mrs. Shannon Fox ‘80 said, “Kids that have not put a plan in place, do not bury your head in the sand, (but) look for a place and start volunteering, because (service hours) are required to graduate.”

If students have not already started their hours, now may be a difficult time to find a place. Fox said, “There are more kids looking for service than there are spots at this point.” It is important to start now in order to complete service hours by the deadline, she said.

Fox said, “I would say right now it’s a learning year for everybody because we are trying to implement the MobileServe app and a lot of the kids are not using the app correctly.”

She said, “The most important thing for students to do is be in the habit of reading emails, because rarely due students read their emails. Next year will be better, once students have a grasp on maneuvering the MobileServe app.”