Brain game team no longer airing on TV


Samantha Mackell

Seniors Rachel Kent and Julia Agostino, junior Liam Moore, and sophomore Sammy Kascius practice for their next competition.

Chandler Watson, Reporter

For the first time in several years, Channel 13 will no longer televise Brain Game competition, but that doesn’t mean the school’s team won’t continue to take on opponents from other schools.

Senior Rachel Kent has been a member of  the school’s Brain Game, appearing on television since her sophomore year. Kent said the big change is “the certain appeal of watching yourself competing on Saturday on Channel 13.” She said that being on TV “puts more at stake for the team, brings a certain appeal to the Brain Game and also introduces a fun aspect to the competition.”

English department co-chair Mrs. Kathy Keyes, who serves at the Brain Game faculty co-moderator along with social studies teacher Mr. Mark Worrell, said, one of the biggest differences this year will involve the competition taking place in a classroom rather than in a television studio. Keyes did cite one advantage to Channel 13 dropping the show. “We can compete more often in this format,” she said.

In this format, several Central Indiana high schools, including Arsenal Tech, Hamilton Southeastern and North Central, formed the White River Academic League in order to provide schools an opportunity to continue Brain Game competition.

Keyes said the White River Academic League has existed for several years, but this is the first year this school has joined and did so because of the situation with Brain Game.

Although the competition will not be televised, competition continues, just not on such a grand scale. The first match-up between Cathedral and North Central took place here on Nov. 10, far from any TV camera. The team also was scheduled to travel to Arsenal Tech on Tuesday.

Hamilton Southeastern will participate in competition on Dec. 1.  

Other than Kent, members of the Brain Game varsity team include Rachel Kent, Liam Moore, Tommy Kacius, Julia Agostino, and Brendan Hurly.
There are two major reasons behind Channel 13’s discontinuation of the Brain Game on its station this year. Westfield Insurance dropped its sponsorship and the station is remodeling its studio, two factors that, according to TV station officials, made it impossible for the televised academic competition to continue.