Winter sports previews and wrap-ups


Emily Abriani

Next year’s football team will take on different opponents in the Class 5A Sectional, thanks to realignment by the Indiana High School Athletic Association.

Nick Murphy, Reporter

Boys’ Basketball

The Irish basketball team begins this year with a brand new coaching staff headed by Mr. Jason Delaney. Delaney said he and the players have been forced to adjust to the new season. “We’re all getting used to each other. I love the intensity and enthusiasm in our practices so far and we are going to build on that,” said Delaney.

Starting at a new school as the head coach, Delaney, the former head coach at Tech, said, “The one thing we want to always be known for is how hard we play.

“We want to force the other team to do things that they don’t want to do, and I call it a beautiful chaos,” Delaney said. He said the boys are working on their defense and want to take their opponents out of their fundamentals. “The guys so far have been wonderful to work with. I have been really impressed with how they pick each other up. They have built a brotherhood and that chemistry is so important,” said Delaney. “People are excited and there is a lot of enthusiasm.”

The City Coaches Association has picked the Fighting Irish to win the City championship this year.

The boys open their season on Dec. 2 against Howe.

Senior Jack Myers shoots a lay-up in a practice last week in the Aux gym.
Senior Jack Myers shoots a lay-up in a practice last week in the Aux gym.

Liam Keenan, Photographer


The Irish wrapped up their season last Friday in a tough loss to Ben Davis in the Regional. After an injury-filled season, the team finished 7-4. “I think we had a great run and plenty of adversity. Obviously we had some injuries that kept us from being at full strength at different times, but we had a great group of fighters,” said Head Coach Mr. Rick Streiff.

Many seniors will head off to play college football and have already committed to their respective schools.

“We hope that (the returning players) will come back with a little sense of urgency because it’s there time,” said Streiff. He and the rest of the coaching staff have decided to stay in Class 6A because it is “where we belong,” said Streiff. According to Streiff, one thing other 6A schools have on the Irish is numbers. When competing against schools that boast an enrollment that approaches 5,000, Streiff’s team faces an issue with players getting hurt. For next season, the biggest goal will be to stay healthy and keep a productive mindset.

“We will come back again strong, build another great club, go play some football and  have some fun,” said Streiff.

Girls’ Basketball

The team began its season on the first of the month. They are four games into their season and are working hard toward another successful season. Key returning players this year include seniors Brooklin Alexander and Mallory Whitsett along with juniors Molly Beatty and Keya Patton.

Following last year’s appearances in both the City championship and Sectional finals, Head Coach Mr. Ed Freije hopes to get be in that same position this year. “We want to continue to grow and get better each day,” said Freije, “it is important for this group to grow in its own identity and continue to push each other.”

The team has won the Twin Lakes Invitational the past two years during the Christmas break and Freije said he and the team want to continue that streak for a third year.

As the team gets deeper into the season, Freije says that the girls have been coming together as a team.

“Girls are stepping up and growing up. We are hoping the trend continues and we continue to grow and get better as the year goes on,” said Freije.

Girls’ Volleyball

Head Coach Ms. Jean Kesterson and her team made history this year winning back-to-back State championships. After being named the national champion last year and finishing undefeated, the team performed again this year and the senior players will go out on top once again. Senior Nia Robinson was recognized for her work on and off the court winning the mental attitude award. When asked about the season, Robinson said, “I am very happy that we won and that the seniors got to go out on top. We had a great season all year long and ended the season strong. The team bonded well together and we became a family. I will definitely miss all my teammates and coaches and the fans.”

Previous Mental Attitude Award Winners

Bobby Powers, football, 2006-07

Katie Zupancic, girls’ soccer, 2007-08

Christiana Gray, girls’ volleyball, 2008-09

Connor Barthel, football, 2010-11

Phil Mosey, baseball, 2010-11

Jacob Bailey, football, 2011-12

Jared Thomas, football, 2014-15

Audrey Adams, girls’ volleyball, 2015

Nia Robinson, girls’ volleyball, 2016

“It was so nice to get an award for the hard work and things I do off the court. Putting in work off the court will help me so much in life. The work in the classroom will prepare me for life after volleyball. Overall, I am really happy that we won State; I couldn’t have won this award if it weren’t for my teammates, coaches, friends and everyone else who has supported me throughout my life,” said senior Nia Robinson, who was named the IHSAA mental attitude award winner.

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