Peer mentor program extends into fourth quarter

Seniors, freshmen will have another year-end meeting


Gracie Gumino

Senior peer mentors, who met with their freshmen during first semester, will get the chance to do so again during the fourth quarter.

Nic Napier , Reporter

The peer mentor program, an experience that develops a connection not only between freshmen and seniors, but also helps freshmen have positive role models, is now being extended into the fourth quarter.

Usually the program stops at the end of the first semester, replacing the theology credit for the seniors and serving a resource for the freshmen.

Dr. Tom Greer, a director of the program, wrote in an email that this decision was made essentially to extend the connection between both the freshmen and the seniors. This opportunity provides another chance for the two to reconvene at the end of the year.

The date for the meeting has not yet been chosen, but Greer noted that it will be a lunch gathering sometime in May.

To further aid the freshmen, videos were made pertaining to campus life. Greer said, “I had (the peer mentors) make videos of different aspects of Cathedral life, which I have been showing to the freshmen in their resource so as to not only learn about the history and culture of Cathedral but hear it from their mentors.”

The peer mentor program, as Greer noted, has gone well this year. As planned, the program was beneficial for both the seniors and the freshmen, he said.

 “First (the mentors) learned a great deal about themselves,” Greer said, “and they took that learning and their high school experience to the freshmen.”