Senior excels in graphic design class

Doyle notes that her skills will apply to business


Grace Kowalevsky

Senior Emma Doyle works on her laptop on another graphic design class project.

Quinn Leous, Reporter

The graphic design program offers an area of interest for students that they may not be able to experience in a traditional classroom. Senior Emma Doyle has been involved since the beginning of her freshman year, and she explained that some of the topics covered in the course could be viewed differently than classwork in a more typical math or history class. 

She said the class’s artistic aspects could be applied to many different fields, especially business.

Doyle said, “We do a lot of marketing here in this class, pretty basic things such as logos and packaging that you could definitely see in the real world. A lot of people take this class if they think they’re going into business or something like that because almost every degree that involves business has at least some marketing aspect to it, especially because knowing what consumers look for is really important for a business as well. We also do a lot of artistic projects, too.”

The graphic design classroom in Cunningham feels like an innovative space for young minds. There is a sense of creativity present that doesn’t always seem to be there in some other more traditional classrooms. With so many different visuals and projects around the room and laptops always up and running, the classroom presents itself to students as an area where they have all of the resources necessary to be creative in their own ways.

One aspect of graphic design that sets itself apart from many other classes involves the individualism present in a creative workspace. With individual work in other classrooms, some teachers may not always provide the kind of responsibility that can be given to students in graphic design. Even in the basic graphic design courses, the students have some creative leeway on what they are going to create. 

Doyle said, “Graphic Design 1 and 2 are a little bit more structured just because you’re learning the software. But in both, especially Graphic Design 2, they have structured projects but they have a lot of freedom with it. Usually if you ask Ms. Desautels you can take it in any direction you want. Since I’m in an independent study, I really enjoy the freedom of looking up ideas and finding inspiration and doing projects. 

“Sometimes I do some of the projects that the other graphic design classes are doing, just so I can have a basis since sometimes it’s difficult to think of your own projects. But I like to take everything in a lot of different directions so I enjoy that,” said Doyle.

Doyle has extensive experience with graphic design at the school beginning her freshman year. She talked about how she took photography as a ninth grader with a previous teacher, and that teacher told her that she’d be pretty good at graphic design so she decided to take Graphic Design 1. 

She has completed both Graphic Design 1 and 2, and now is enrolled in independent study. “Once I started taking Graphic Design 1, I just got really interested in the class and it kind of stuck. So I just kind of stuck with it and now I have been taking it for seven semesters,” said Doyle.

Her independent study is mostly self-driven and individualized, but throughout all three of these classes, Doyle has created an extensive list of projects. 

Doyle explained what kind of projects she’s been working on and how she’s felt about them. “Right now the other classes are doing a package and I did that sophomore year. I really enjoyed it and thought it was a good way to be introduced into the business side of things. I’ve made my own logo in the past, I’ve made a magazine cover, I’ve made a media kit for a national park, and I’ve done a map as well. I’ve done a postcard, as well as a brochure, I’ve done mandalas, which are flowers that were displayed around the school.   

“And also I did a painting that looks like it would’ve been painted, but instead I created it completely on the computer. So typically I like to do a lot of different things. Usually I like to do more artistic projects rather than marketing, especially because I just like the freedom of doing the art stuff more,” Doyle said. 

The senior explained that while graphic design obviously is an interest of hers, she does not believe that she will study it after high school. 

Doyle said, “I’m planning on going into psychology in college, so it’s like a totally different pathway. But this could always be sort of a back up plan for me if psychology doesn’t end up working out. I just feel like once you know the software, it’s just kind of a skill that you will know for a while.”