Promposals: They’re kind of a big deal

From hiring a band to delivering chocolate shakes


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The promposal between juniors Cole Spau and Nico LoPresti took place on a beach.

Catie O'Connor , Reporter

Promposals are a new trend, something that Mr. John O’Hara ‘02 says were not a big deal when he was in high school here, but they were when he returned as a teacher in 2011. 

He said he asked his prom date, Lauren Berg ‘02, to prom just by showing up with flowers at her house. O’Hara said, “Nobody had smartphones or cell phones really. We had no way to share anything. I honestly think there’s only 12 pictures of myself from high school times total.” 

Vice Principal Mr. Jere Kubuske said his experience in high school in a small town town in Ohio was similar to O’Hara’s, and that promposals were not the major event that they are now.

In recent years, promposals have become more of a tradition. Where flowers or a simple ask was the standard in the past, posters and puns are now the expected way for someone to ask their potential date. 

One senior, Allen Morales, went especially big for asking his friend, senior Sarah Kent. He hired a mariachi band and surprised her in her front yard. He said that hiring the band cost $100 and was planned by him, his mom and senior Katie Carr. Morales said he was nervous to ask Kent, but had decided to because “she’s a homie.” 

At the same time Morales asked Kent, a potential promposal scandal was taking place. Kent’s friend, senior Victoria Gallant, had been given Morales as her target in the ongoing game of senior splash. Kent knew Morales was headed her way, but did not know the reason. Morales asked to prom Kent and all went smoothly, and then the next scene went down. 

In his words, “After asking, Sarah invited us inside to look at her bird, Sarah walked in first, then Katie, and then as I was opening the door I felt a squirt of water on my ear, then I turned around and saw Vicky and Charlie Brady, and then just bowed my head down for like five minutes.”

Morales said, “I never got to hold the bird.” 

But despite the deception, there are no bad feelings between Gallant and Morales. He said, “We have no beef.” 

Since Morales’s promposal, several more have taken place. Junior Garrett Wright asked his girlfriend, junior Lily Wagoner, by delivering her favorite shake from Steak ‘N’ Shake, peanut butter chocolate. Wright said, “She loves Steak ‘N’ Shake that was why I asked with it.”

Junior Nico LoPresti asked his girlfriend, junior Cole Spau, on the beach over spring break. He said, “I’m trying to get those free tickets.” His promposal was a series of signs that read, “I shore can sea myself going to prom with you.” He said that he planned it himself with the help of her mom. LoPresti said Spau was pretty surprised.

Junior Class co-moderator Mrs. Lisa Blamey sent an email with links to prom

tickets. This year’s prom is at the Crane Bay on April 27 and will incorporate a Las Vegas theme. Junior Will Kennedy, one of the Class of 2020 officers, said, “There are going to be columns in the place that light up and are blue and red. We’re going have a big Las Vegas sign.”