Thankful for: Netflix

Thankful for: Netflix

Evan Schoettle, Photographer

In this time of Thanksgiving, it is hard to pin down one thing that I am thankful for. Truthfully, I am thankful for a lot of things, things both material and not. However, if I had to choose only one thing, I’m most thankful for Netflix.

Think about it. Who’s always there when you’re feeling down? Who has comedy, drama, action, adventure, heroism and love, all at the push of a button? While bad things may always happen in the world, what with the death of Gene Wilder and Vine, Netflix is always there with almost the perfect selection to suit the needs of the viewer.

When a friend cancels plans on you at the last moment because “my sister has a dance recital I didn’t know about,” who’s there to save your Saturday? Netflix. When you have little to no money for date night, who’s the affordable alternative to going out and wasting money on an expensive dinner? Netflix.

It’s the jack of all trades, always there for you when you need it, always reliable

and a constant source of entertainment for every person watching.

Just remember, not everyone has the privilege of having Netflix as 75 million people currently do. So remember, the next time that you’re enjoying your favorite show or binging that one series, be thankful that you have such a wonderful and reliable resource at your fingertips.