April 30 fundraiser will help build school pride

Students will be encouraged to participate


Anna Pohl, Co-Editor in Chief

Throughout the school’s centennial celebration, there has been an emphasis on fundraising. 

Although the school hosts multiple events throughout the year with the purpose of raising money for tuition assistance, teachers’ salaries and other notable causes, this significant birthday has brought about further plans to boost school pride and funding. 

The Day of Giving is scheduled for April 30 to promote awareness of the school and raise money, said senior director of philanthropic operations Mrs. Abbe Ernstes. Put more simply, Ernstes said, “I work in fundraising.”

Hosting a day of giving is a recent trend in the philanthropic world, Ernstes said. “The goal of the Day of Giving is to build pride, to build your brand and to increase participation.”

Throughout the past month several colleges including Indiana University have conducted similar events, inspiring administration to host an event here. “It is all about participation,” Ernstes said. “A gift of any amount counts and is appreciated.”

The school has set a goal for students to donate $1,100 which is approximately the amount if each student donated one dollar. Donations can be made online at gocathedral.com/alloutirish or brought in on April 30 via cash or check. 

Donations will be met dollar for dollar by a donor, Ernstes said. This will double the amount raised during the event. 

Donations can be made during students’ lunch or class periods on April 30. “We’re asking students to give in memory of or in honor of someone, and they can write a message to that person,” Ernstes said. 

If the goal is met, students will dress down the following day. 

On the day of the celebration, however, students will be asked to wear All Out Irish themed outfits, Ernstes said. 

Besides donations and fundraising, all social media accounts will be engaged in advertising events at the school. “It’s an opportunity to engage just in a different way,” Ernstes said. 

Ernstes said the school is trying to have a Snapchat filter available for that day. Students will also be asked to send in photos to be posted on school social media.  

In addition to photos, Ernstes said the school will use Facebook Live every hour on the hour from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. “We’re going to show what a day is like at Cathedral in 2019,” she said. The day will begin with early morning football workouts and will show the lacrosse game scheduled for 8 that evening. 

Ernstes said teachers will be asked to encourage students to participate in the day and to demonstrate school spirit themselves. “We’re really asking them to help show their Irish pride that day,” she said. 

Principal Mr. Dave Worland said he is excited for the event. He said the timing comes just before May when school events become hectic, allowing full participation by students and staff. “I just think it comes at a perfect time,” Worland said. “I encourage everybody who is part of Cathedral to get involved,” he said.

“It’s all about Irish pride and a gift of any amount,” Ernstes said. She said the money will contribute to the Centennial Fund which supports the building of an innovation center, the school endowment which goes to professional development, teacher salaries and tuition assistance, and toward funding for Brunette Park.

However, the Day of Giving is designed to do more than raise money for the school. “Days of Giving are fun and exciting,” Ernstes said. She said the school asks students to make a donation of any amount, display their school pride in fun outfits and retweet and share on any social media platform. Ernstes said, “It is all about participation.”