Marketing office helps spread good news

Director: Involved in every part of the school


Grace Kowalevsky

Mrs. Grace Rodecap works in her office.

Angel Luo , Reporter

On the first floor of Kelly Hall, a recently remodeled suite of offices may rarely attract the attention of students who walk by it every day, but what goes on in that office affects those students. 

“We have our hands in every part of our school,” director of marketing Ms. Grace Rodecap said. The marketing group assists admissions with student enrollment and helps with the fundraising events for the advancement team every year. 

The printed papers, magazines and commercial posters students and families receive are all works designed and completed by the marketing team to provide information for the school. 

From organizing and planning events throughout the year to setting up table signs and name tags during events, the marketing team contributes much to the the success of each of the school’s activities Rodecap, along with her professional colleagues, Ms. Autumn Martin ‘06, both the graphic designer and project manager, and Mr. Tyler McClure, the webmaster, work with the students and faculty members as well.

Besides helping with projects for specific events teachers create, they also examine and approve all of the posters, signs and T-shirts designed by students, even interviews with visitors or reporters outside of the school, before they are published or produced. 

Moreover, the department addresses questions from the media and answer queries from the visitors on the school’s website and regulates the advertising system online. 

Explaining details about the tasks of the department, Rodecap and Martin continued using examples of activities they have completed this year. Both Martin and Rodecap agreed that the Open House was one of the most important events of each school year and that the 100-Year celebration was the most special.

Rodecap described her first month experience as a crash course about the school, its culture and traditions. 

But she said that it was a rather wonderful and memorable time for her to learn more about her colleagues, the student body and the school’s history. The department not only wishes to promote and reinforce the school already outstanding reputation, but also wishes to make each event special for everyone at the school. 

“Because we support so many portions of the school, we need to tell stories about every part of the school. It is so important that we don’t leave anyone out of the history,” Martin said about her role. Including the president’s newsletters, parent newsletters and promotional brochures and materials, the department spends time on these projects honoring individuals and announcing One significant change this year involved the school’s official website. 

The department worked with new styles and templates for the web page, refined some of the old systems and updated new information. 

Getting some positive feedbacks from students, Rodecap said she is glad that changes made the website easier to navigate and that the department is open for more advice for more refinements. “The website is the best place for parents and students to visit, especially those who just learned about Cathedral,” Martin said. 

Rodecap said that the brand new website is not only the best way to provide information about the school, but also an opportunity to treat the internal audience, including parents, students and faculty members happy and excited about being a part of the school. This is also why the department keeps updating and improving the website, she said. 

Aside from using their creativity and passion to work for the school, the marketing department members also expressed their love to the school. Both Martin and Rodecap’s favorite part about the school is the atmosphere and the people. As a mother and an employee of the school, Rodecap said, “I was treated by the kindness and the warmth of the Catholic environment. I am able to pray with my colleagues every day. This year, especially, my son enters as a freshman. I see transformation taking place.” 

Rodecap also said that a leader once told her to “put your family first, and mean it,” which brought her to tears because that pulled her closer to her own family and to the big family the school created. She said she appreciates what the school provides to each family and the love the school encourages and that each individual gives. 

Martin, a Cathedral graduate, also appreciates the school the same way, but in addition, she is thankful for the art programs. “(My art teacher at the time) really showed us how much we could do with art and how creative we could be with it. I am thankful for the willingness of Cathedral to take those risks and dive into different areas which lead to better future education,” Martin said. 

Martin said that the department always welcome students to stop by to chat or ask questions, seating on a comfortable spot, the office couch. Now when students see those glass doors that might seem slightly unfamiliar at first, they should know that those doors are wide open and welcoming to all.