Principal showcases student art

Worland says he’s impressed by level of talent

Principal Mr. Dave Worland uses his office wall to showcase some of the schools most outstanding artistic talent.

Grace Kowalevsky

Principal Mr. Dave Worland uses his office wall to showcase some of the school’s most outstanding artistic talent.

Quinn Leous, Reporter

Principal Mr. Dave Worland has made a new addition to his office, as he has put up numerous student art pieces to enhance his work space. 

Worland explained that he felt the need to renovate his office, as he noted there were some items that seemed out of place. One of these items was a picture given to him in 2002 by his former faculty at Lafayette Central Catholic High School.

“The picture meant a lot to me, and it was a full scale picture. But when I looked at it, I realized that it didn’t really match in here. Because I thought to myself, that was from my previous job, and it didn’t really relate to anything here at Cathedral. So I decided I was going to take that home, but the problem was it took up a whole wall, so you can imagine that there was a need for something to take its place,” said Worland. 

Worland then thought of the idea to replace the picture with student art. Some of his inspiration came from Assistant to the Principal Mrs. Shannon Braun, who had previously placed some in her office herself.

“I was like what the heck. This is a school office, so there should be student art placed around it,” Worland said.

Worland came into contact with multiple fine arts teachers and eventually was sent about 200 art pieces to choose from. After looking through, Worland chose four pieces that incorporated one central theme: water. Worland said, “Of all the pieces I looked at, my favorites all happened to revolve around water. I always think that water is kind of soothing for people when they come into my office.”

He proceeded to describe his probable method of switching out the art.

“I’m definitely going to keep these pieces up for the next several months, likely for 12 months. But then I plan on switching them up every year. Since we have so many young artists doing great things, I’ll put the current ones up somewhere else where everyone else can see them and switch to a new theme.”

Worland wanted to emphasize how talented the art students are and how well they are being taught by their instructors.

Worland said, “I was positively blown away by how great all of our students’ artwork was when I was looking through it all. I just didn’t know how talented these kids are. I am pleased with the project and am going to encourage other faculty members to do the same thing.”