Editorial: Every donation matters on April 30


Cathedran file photo

While the Shamrauction raised significant funds for the school earlier this semester, the Day of Giving on April 30 gives students a chance to be further involved.

Megaphone Staff

Irish, be prepared for the Irish Day of Giving on April 30. This day will be a day full of having fun, shwoing off your Irish pride and giving for the betterment of our school. This idea comes at the perfect time as we come to the end of yet another wonderful year here.

This idea, produced by philanthropic operations and modeled after what many colleges and universities have carried out in order to focus on one day of giving, is an excellent way to get students excited about Irish pride as well as set up a donation method so that students can easily. give back.

The day will surely be exciting with social media capturing all the events that happen on campus and before and after school as well. Facebook Live will be used so parents and others can see through the eyes of the students. It will truly allow for those outside of Cathedral to get a nice glimpse into the daily life on our campus, from early in the morning to late in the evening. And kudos to our own Mr. Ken Barlow ’82, who will serve as one of the hosts for the online coverage that day and who always represents us well. 

The money for which the students are asked to donate will go to the new Innovation Center, the endowment fun and Brunette Park. Students usually groan at the idea at having to donate money, however it should be noted that fundraising is how the school keeps building and growing.

Without the donations from the students, their parents, Catheral educators and the alumni, all the awesome events that take place all the support provided to students simply would not take place. It is vital for us to fully participate in these fundraising events and to show our support.

And we note that the annual tutition for one student does not fully cover the cost for that student. Several hundred dollars more for each individual is needed to create what is often called the Cathedral experience, and that gap is covered by donations. 

So Irish, come to school prepared to show your Irish pride on April 30 with all-out Irish gear and a $1 (or more) donation. Given that whatever amount students donate that day will be matched up to $5,000, We promise it will be worth it.