Spring art show continues through May 10

Works are on display in the Atrium


Charlie Vielee

Senior Liona Russell’s work is among dozens of pieces currently on display in the Atrium for the spring art show.

Charlie Vielee , Reporter

Now through May 10, students’ best works from their art classes are on display in the Atrium. The works range from drawings to paintings to photography to graphic design, among other pieces available to view. 

Senior Liona Russell is one of the many students selected for the annual show. Russell took Photography 1 her sophomore year and then Graphic Design 1 and 2 her senior year. Through those classes this year, Russell said, “I have a personal brand and logo that we put on merchandise, a landscape that I graphically designed with Adobe Illustrator, a self portrait that was edited using Photoshop, a food package that we redesigned, and a cup.”

Russell said, “We are provided with the technology and the teacher gives us all the elements and videos that will help us learn how to use the applications. I think that the class has demonstrated real world applications.

“Even though I won’t be going into a field of study for these skills, it is a useful skill to have. I really enjoyed what I got out of the classes and the things I did and the skills I learned and the projects I completed.”