Movie review: “Us”

No sophomore slump for amazing director

Jack Lindner , Film Critic

Ever since redefining the horror genre with his 2017 directorial debut “Get Out,” the bar was set an immense high for Jordan Peele’s next film.  Fans and critics alike have wondered if his second feature would result in a sophomore slump as it does for many first-time directors.

However, Peele does not disappoint and continues to showcase his amazing filmmaking techniques and clever writing in his latest picture, “Us.” The film tells the story of Adelaide Wilson, a young mother and her family as they are terrorized by a group of intruders that are exact mirror images of the Wilson family.

Starring Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke (both of “Black Panther”), the cast’s performances is nothing short of outstanding. Not only does each performer have to play their respected original character, but they as well must portray the polar opposite as their dopplegänger.

Peele’s talent as a director is definitely present throughout the film, with beautiful cinematography and an entertaining soundtrack with both classic ’90s rap, as well as a few remixes. However, the story and screenplay for “Us” steal the show with their mesmerizing storyline. Thanks to Peele’s extraordinary writing, the film touches on themes of self-identity, family and social class, all while telling a horrifying story of a desperate family’s fight for survival.

Once the final shot faded and the credits began to roll, I was speechless and literally jaw-dropped. All in all, Jordan Peele certainly defied all expectations of his second feature and continues to cement himself as one of the greatest storytellers of our time.

Through its brilliant story and stellar performances, I would not be surprised to see “Us” go onto become a horror movie classic in the near future.