Freshman makes significant performing arts impact

From singing to acting, Thompson makes his mark


Grace Kowalevsky

In the auditorium, freshman Sir Jonathan Thompson participates in choir practice during E period.

Emma Kress, Reporter

Freshman Sir Jonathan Thompson has made sure to get involved right from the start of his four years of high school, especially in performing arts programs. He has participated in concert choir, two theater shows, one of which he performed in a main role, and the Irish Adrenaline show choir.

“I have done two Cathedral (theater) shows, which are the Rookie Showcase in which I played Terry and a hippie and ‘Seussical, the Musical’ in which I played Horton,” Thompson said regarding his CaTheatre roles.

Many freshmen choose to participate in clubs or activities to get to know people when they come to high school. That reason applies to Thompson, but it also has to do with his family. “I have been doing theater since I was a baby because that’s what my dad did. I do it because I feel closer to him when I do choir and theater after his passing. I also do it to make new friends and get to know more people,” he said.

Thompson said that he plans to stay involved next year, and he gave advice to incoming freshmen. He said, “I would say put yourself out there because you never know what the outcome would be. Also, be confident in your talent.”

Director of theater arts Ms. Jennifer Alexander has worked with Thompson throughout the school year. She said, “The professionalism and dedication that (Thompson) had during rehearsals and performances of ‘Seussical, the Musical’ was impressive. Yes, he’s still learning a lot but he takes direction very well and really listens to feedback and constructive criticism.”

Apart from performing, Alexander said that Thompson has brought a lot to the table when it comes to his personality as well. “Not only has (Thompson) shared his talent with our department, but his positive energy and authenticity has been felt by everyone in the department. He is thoughtful, caring, and can also make everyone laugh,” she said.

Alexander also expressed interest in continuing to work with Thompson in theater throughout the rest of his four years of high school. She said, “Sir Jonathan has been through a lot this year, and I’m so glad to have him involved with the theatre. He’s grown so much this year, and I am so excited to teach him and work with him more in the next few years.”