Editorial: Here’s to yet another outstanding year


Megaphone Staff

Somehow, summer is almost here, and it has become time to put away the papers and the pencils and just sit back and relax in the inconsistently warm, then cool, then way too hot Indiana summer weather. You can almost stuff your backpacks in the back of your closets and forget about any exams because the pool days, energetic concerts and ice cream sandwiches are only a few weeks away.

As we head into summer break, we thought it was important that we dish out some highlights to recap the year and reflect on what an experience at Cathedral is all about. And the drawback to an editorial such as this one is that there is no way we can provide a complete list of all of the year’s highlights, so please know that this is not our intention.

This year, although a bit cold at times, was full of excitement and fun experiences. As is tradition, we started off with the seniors toilet papering the Hill as the students drove by and probably got a few rolls thrown through their windows.

The students continued to head up the Hill every day, (most of them) with their lanyards shining brightly as they readied themselves for the tasks of the day whether it be trying to understand math or writing a paper right before it was due in the next class.

We had absolutely fantastic assemblies where we recognized our athletes and talented students here on campus. Senior Cole Hocker basically never stopped running the whole year as he picked up several state and national achievements. The women’s soccer team won State, beating South Bend St. Joseph, and let’s not forget that the wrestling team was sent off in style as students lit up the Welch Activity Center with green glow sticks before the athletes became repeat State champions.

The theater program also had an excellent year with extremely talented actors taking the stage to put on performances such as “Seussical, the Musical. “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” and the annual Rookie Showcase. 

Of course, it is vital to remember how we spent our 100th birthday in style with a beautiful Gala Downtown filled with singing athletes, show choir members and wonderful and supportive guests.

And here are a few more activities and events worth noting: 

Big Red was at just about every sporting event as usual, hyping up the crowd.

Mr. Bridges became Dr. Bridges.

Students received Super Bowl Monday off (good thing) after they watched the Patriots win again (bad thing). 

We had to say goodbye to Dr. Greer. Yes, we know what you’re thinking; where are all the tissue boxes?

Mr. Kubuske wore that entirely green suit to school one day, which was quite interesting.

The All Out Irish Day of Giving was a success, as we students raised more than $1,100.

The Black History Month assembly was stunning, allowing for the talent on campus to shine.

After the numerous promposals, juniors and seniors danced the night away at the Viva Las Vegas-themed prom.

We had another successful Shamrauction, raising $532,000.

ComedySportz (High School League) provided us with a lot of laughter.

The choirs, both during Mass and at their Christmas and holidays concerts, continued to impress.

The Pride of the Irish marching band showed off its talent from August to the end of the year. 

Counties were a blast.

We found out there would be a new STEM center being built on campus along with more exciting advancements to come. 

What a great year. Sorry for any events and things we missed. It was such a big year that we had too much to remember, and that’s a good thing. 

The Megaphone staff would like to thank the seniors for an amazing four years as they worked tirelessly to achieve academic excellence and be the best representation of Cathedral as possible. We hope you all enjoy your college experiences and wish you luck as you transition into the next phase of your lives.

Cathedral taught you well, so go and use the gifts and knowledge that have been given to you to be the change you wish to see in the world.

As for the rest of us, educators, freshmen, sophomores and juniors, we are about to enter into new responsibilities. The next grade up, of course, brings new challenges, but it also brings new adventures. 

Freshmen, you will move into your sophomore year, ready to take ISTEP (is it coming back for another year?) and maybe even your first AP class. 

Sophomores, you will finally become upperclassmen, which comes with several new responsibilities and probably an ACT or SAT. 

Juniors, you will become the leaders of the school, preparing for college and hoping to get in your last NHS point before the deadline.

Embrace the fresh opportunities, have a wonderful summer, and definitely do not forget about your summer reading. Thanks for reading the Megaphone, both in print and online, this year.