Face Off: You shouldn’t get a summer job

Face Off: You shouldnt get a summer job

Quinn Leous, Reporter

Not having a summer job is so much better than having one, and the comparison between the two is not even close. The biggest benefit to not having a summer job is that you have unlimited time during the day to do things you actually want to do. 

If you’re not working during the day or evening, you have so much more time to hang out with your friends. 

One of the most aggravating things in the world is not being able to make plans with your friends because you’re stuck doing a job. 

Your social life shouldn’t take a hit because of the lack of time you have because of a boring summer job.

Another major benefit to not having a summer job is an increased amount of sleep. Many summer jobs require you to get up around the time that you would for school, and I think I can speak for most people and say that waking up for school in the morning sucks. 

Many jobs that teens tend to get, especially many restaurant jobs, require late nights. This would also hinder the sleep schedule that you could possibly have if you weren’t working. Additionally, having a long work day can create fatigue that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Last, not having a summer job allows for you to be able to focus on sports or other passions one may have. For the more academic minded among you, would also give you a chance to take a summer school class or two and get a jump on your academics for the next school year. And how can students possibility complete all those summer reading books that their English teachers have assigned if they are working a summer job every day? 

 I have played soccer for a long time, and having a summer job would not allow me to attend varsity soccer practices or to participate in conditioning. 

Not being able to train for my sport would cause a significant gap to be formed between me and the players who are able to train all summer. 

Summer is meant to be a fun time full of relaxing and doing things that one enjoys. 

By having a summer job, you are throwing that opportunity out the window and setting yourself up for a very boring summer. After you graduate from college, you’ll work for 40 years. Why start now?