AP testing continues through May 17

Coordinator issues reminders to student taking exams


Nic Napier

Testing coordinator Ms. Erin Bethuram ’97 offered tips for students who will take AP exams through May 17.

Nic Napier , Reporter

The first week of AP testing wraps up on May 10, with more AP exams scheduled from May 13 to May 17.

Ms. Erin Bethuram ‘97, who serves as the school’s registrar and testing coordinator, was responsible for ordering the AP exams and scheduling all the testing rooms and proctors. She said this year 395 Cathedral students will take a total of 827 AP exams.

She offered some tips for those AP students who still have one or more exams to take.

She said, “Make sure you’re prepared, and that means getting sleep the night before and eating a healthy breakfast the morning of the exam. Make sure you have studied, obviously. If you have questions about any of the exam material, contact your teacher right away. If you have any questions about the exam itself, like how to take it or where to go, contact me.

“Make sure you bring two regular Number-2 pencils. You want to bring two pens, either blue or black ink. Make sure that you are fed, too. So, either before or after the exam depending if you’re taking a morning exam or an afternoon exam, make sure you eat lunch.”

Following these tips will help AP students. Bethuram reminds us though, if you’re feeling stressed, to remind yourself: “It’s a test. You’re more than a test. Just always remember that,” she said.