Students will use the same lanyard next year

As seniors leave, navy lanyards will be issued to freshmen


Cathedran file photo

Wearing a lanyard around your neck — not in your pocket or attached to your backpack — helps keep our campus safe and secure.

Jameson Browne , Reporter

Over the summer, students will be expected to keep their lanyards and use them next year.

Vice Principal Mr. Jere Kubuske said that all grades will keep the same color for the rest of their time at the school. For next year, sophomores will be yellow, juniors will be orange and seniors will be green. Incoming freshmen will receive a navy blue lanyard as the seniors will no longer use that color.

Kubuske said that ID cards will stay the same with the exception of an updated picture once school photos are taken on Aug. 21 and Aug. 22. Freshmen will receive theirs at orientation along with their lanyards.

The red lanyards might not be here next year as they have not been as successful as administrators had hoped. Kubuske said, “We are always looking at ways to improve, and the red lanyards have lots of room for improvement.” Students who arrived at school were issued red lanyards this year.