Fall mission trip callout is May 21

Meeting will take place immediately after final exams


Caroline Steiger

Senior James Maher participated on the mission trip last fall.

Emma Kress, Reporter

The fall mission trip callout meeting will take place May 21 in the Shiel Student Life Center immediately after finals, according to Administrator for Christian Service Mrs. Shannon Fox ‘80. A $150 deposit and an application are due at this meeting. The trip will take place Oct. 8 through Oct. 13.

The destination for the mission trip is not set yet but Fox is working on going to Mexico Beach, Florida. She said, “We are hoping to go to the Panama City area, where Mexico Beach was. In October of last year, Hurricane Michael came through and devastated and totally wiped out all of Mexico Beach. I mean, there’s nothing left. They are in the process of rebuilding, and a lot of the clean-up has already happened.”

Fox explained why this new location is not a definite. “The place that we are looking at staying, I’m trying to negotiate to get the pricing down a little bit since we are a mission trip. (The price for the trip) has kind of gotten high just because we’re in a more populated area. We’re not in a rural area like we’ve been in the past,” she said.

The mission trip has involved several different locations over the years. Fox said, “So we started out in New Orleans doing rebuilds after Hurricane Katrina. After that we moved over to Joplin, Missouri that was leveled by an F5 tornado. We built there for three years. And then we went from there to Asheville, North Carolina to the Black Mountain area. There we worked on some rural projects and an orphanage. It wasn’t any disaster relief, so we’re trying to get back to that.”

Students who have questions about the fall mission trip and the callout meeting should see Fox in her office, which is located in the SLC.