Next year’s class officers announced

Blanchet, Flood and Fisher to serve as presidents


Megaphone Staff

The faculty moderators for each class have announced the class officers for the 2019-2020 school year.

Rising seniors (Class of 2020): Marcelle Blanchet, president; Lindsey Douglas, Nick Hruskoci, Maimuna Jalloh, Will Kennedy, Danielle Levingston, John Petruzzi and George Wajda, class officers.

Rising juniors (Class of 2021): Maura Flood, president; Nate Hillenburg, Anne Marie King, Kieran McCauley, Annabella McGinley-King, Kayla Pitts, Ellie Thor and Liz Wunder, class officers

Rising sophomores (Class 2022): Kiersten Fisher, president; Abi Coe, Ella Griffin, Carson Hruskoci, Jacob Leon, Tricia Schneider and Jeffrey Utzinger, class officers

Next year’s freshmen, the Class of 2023, will elect their class president and officers at the beginning of the next school year.