Face Off: No to summer reading


Caleb Land

From senior Caleb Land

Is summer reading worth it or not?

Summer reading is simply a waste of time. I believe anyone and everyone would agree with me, even teachers and parents. 

Not only is it a waste of time during the summer for the student, but for the teacher, it is a waste of grading time. The books are boring and the journals are not original since most of them are just passed around from student to student to get it done. 

Most students don’t even read the books. I asked a group of nine students and only one raised their hand saying that they read every single page of their summer reading books. That is a staggering 11.11% of students who actually do what they are supposed to do. 

Summer reading is just an excuse for students to practice procrastinating and to use SparkNotes to fake their way through another book report. The point values for these simple journals are so minute that they end up not meaning anything at the end of the year in regards to your grade anyway. 

So, at the end of the day, a boring journal that the student won’t even remember in two weeks is turned in to a teacher who really doesn’t want to grade the journal in the first place but has to because it’s their job. It’s time for the annual summer reading assignment to be reviewed and reconsidered.