“It” sequel pales in comparison to original

Hader, Chastain shine in their roles


Claire Hunter , Film Critic

Since the release of “It” in 2017, fans have been eagerly awaiting the sequel/conclusion of the “It” storyline. However, “It Chapter Two” pales in comparison to its predecessor.

At nearly three hours long, this movie, based on a Stephen King novel, rapidly launches into its exposition and gradually settles into a lengthy journey toward the final battle against the movie’s main villain.

This film feels as if it is a parody of the original. There is no real sense of horror — only gore and jump scares. Additionally, the comedy in the film distracts from the plot and intensity of various conflicts.

However, Bill Hader effectively provides comic relief in the film without it feeling out of place. His performance as Richie is exceptionally memorable, and the strongest part of the film.

Hader’s role, as well as that of Jessica Chastain’s, makes this film exciting and keeps the audience drawn in for the entire two hours and 49 minutes.

The casting for this film was phenomenal. The comradery of the self-proclaimed Losers’ Club is not lost as the transitions from child to adult actors.