Face Off: Thumbs down on flunch

Jake Langdon

Jake Langdon

Jacob Langdon, Reporter

As a new installation into the 2019-2020 school year, “flunch” has been received negatively by both students and faculty. A 75-minute flunch period has been put in during both day 2 and day 5 in place of last year’s 30 minute lunch during the third period of the day and a 50 minute flex period after the fourth period of the day.

This rearrangement of the schedule has created chaos among the school. Students and teachers both struggle to be productive during this period due to the lack of organization. Students rarely are able to find a quiet place to sit and either study or eat their lunch. This is due to constant roaming of the halls from students coming and leaving from lunch.

This prevents many Cathedral students to be productive in their studies. Clubs and meetings with teachers also are seldom due to the limiting factor of lunch in the way of gathering in a classroom. The schedule of lunch based upon class has not been followed as planned by the administration as each student seems to have his own agenda with no limitations by the staff to go as they please. This results in disorganization and frustration by both students and teachers.

Flunch also leaves too much dead time in the middle of the day. Students return to their classes tired or disengaged from the teacher. Flunch is not being used beneficially by students and should be revised for the greater good of the school. A reasonable solution to this problem is to revert back to the original late start schedule while eliminating 10 minutes off of flex to retain an 8:50 start. This solution allows for a more typical schedule and limits the wasted time of each student.