Face Off: President Trump should be impeached


Senior Nic Napier

Nic Napier , Co-Editor-in-Chief

The moment has finally come for America to reclaim the principles and morals that it once used to hold. With the recent news brewing that President Donald J. Trump has made contact with foreign leaders in an effort to undermine the standing of his Democratic opponents, it seems that we finally have a chance to remove him from office.

The question is not really whether or not he should be removed but rather why it has taken up until this point for us to finally recognize the danger that Trump poses while he sits atop the throne he has built for himself within the Oval Office. His rhetoric has been rather detrimental to the functionality of our society; his words have been divisive and formed what some have called hatred within the hearts of those who are afraid of others that are not exactly like them.

It is time for Trump to leave the White House so that we as Americans can finally breathe again and not be afraid of any next move our president may make. I am sad to say that I wish to see a president impeached; however, it is a necessity now more than ever that the American people receive new leadership within the White House as we work to fix the wrongdoings of the Trump administration.

Calling upon foreign leaders for dirt on political opponents, paying hush money to a certain individual, tweeting about a civil war-like fracture and reversing the agenda on climate change are just a few of the concerning things that Trump and his administration have been a part of that, in my opinion, earn them a one-way ticket out of the White House.

Now, of course, some of the things Trump has done are not necessarily impeachable, especially within a Republican controlled Senate that may not actually remove him from office, but it would do America a great service if he were to leave office so that we can move on from the belittling language, the arrogance and the divisive nature that has followed Trump since he first took a step into the political arena.

I, like many Americans, cannot be comfortable while he is office. While he sits in one of the highest chairs our country has to offer, I fear for those at the border. I fear for those in the LGBTQIA+ community. I fear our climate may soon completely turn against us. I fear for our future.