App aims to improve school culture, safety

Now students are able to speak up, reach out


Students now have access an an app on their iPads to report incidents to the school.

Caleb Land, Sports Editor

A new app, Speak Up…Reach Out, has been pushed to all students in the past week. Don’t continue to hit decline, but download the app on your iPad and learn more about what it does.

This app was created to have a safe and confidential place to tell an adult about a situation you were either a part of or observed. 

The idea for this app was created by a committee of counselors, staff members and teachers. With counselor Mrs. Gretchen ’00 Watko and School Resource Officer Mrs. Tabby Emenaker coordinating the effort, the school now has an accessible program for reporting incidents. Both Watko and Emenaker are certified school safety specialists and used their training and knowledge in the development of the app. 

The app is easy to use. You click on the app and it takes you to a “Report Portal” for you to fill out and and submit information. 

Watko said she would like students to feel empowered and capable of speaking up when they see or hear something. She said, “The safety and well being of our students is Number-1 priority. The app is not here to get people in trouble.”