Students plan multicultural assembly for Oct. 28

This year’s event will focus on Hispanic culture


Lauryn Woods

As happened during last year’s multicultural assembly, the presentation of the national flags also will be a part of this year’s program on Oct. 28.

Katie Darragh, Reporter

In order to celebrate the Holy Cross value of inclusiveness and diversity, several individuals are busy preparing for the annual multicultural assembly. The coordinators said they are excited to announce that this year’s theme will focus on the cultural diversity of Latin America.

The event will showcase various presentations and performances designed to fully engage students and inform attendees on a culture that may differ from their own . 

Senior Danielle Levingston, member of Embrace Club, said that the multicultural assembly is “one of our most important (assemblies) because it is relevant directly to the students and showcases something that is a huge part of students’ lives.” She said she dreams of an end to ignorance and shares her hope that the multicultural assembly will provide an opportunity for students and faculty can gain a better understanding of different cultures in order to move towards a future where “we can see more acts of compassion.” 

Junior Miriam Santos, member of Embrace Club and Latin Student Union, echoes these sentiments, saying, “Cultural awareness is important because when we have ignorant people making false assumptions regarding people’s culture, that can create a problem in the long run.”

While Mr. Ken Barlow ‘82, who serves as the vice president for community relations and diversity, and other student coordinators have not finalized the schedule, but the assembly will be sure to include at least two or three student presenters who will speak on their Latin-American cultural backgrounds, as well as an adult presenter. 

Among those students speaking at the assembly, Santos will provide information on Latino cultural awareness. While preparing her speech, Santos reflected on what being a Latina means to her. “I am proud to be a Latina because it is a way of living in which has been passed down to us by our parents for generations now. Being Latina has no limits. Together we are so much more than all the stereotypes that are held above us. Together we are one truly united as a family through our culture and our language,” said Santos.

The assembly will also consist of the traditional showcase of the flags of various countries. Some of the countries that will be presented by students include Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Honduras and the United States territory of Puerto Rico. 

With so many cultures that it will highlight, the multicultural assembly promises to provide display of cultural awareness. The assembly will take place Oct. 28 in the Welch Activity Center and will be held during the scheduled flex period.