Admissions office gears up for annual Open House

As a graduate, Cloud shares her personal experiences


Jake Langdon

Mrs. Maribeth Cloud works at her desk in the admissions department at the main entrance of Kelly Hall.

Jake Langdon, Reporter/Videographer

Mrs. Maribeth Cloud ‘86 and the entire admissions department are tasked with both attracting potential students and deciding whether to admit each student every school year. This job is not easy, with over more than 250 applicants and even more shadows.

As the enrollment management coordinator, Cloud, along with the enrollment team, oversees all shadows, Open House tours and admissions. She is hands on with both aspiring students and parents in their search for a high school. 

When asked her main selling point when talking to potential students, she said, “I share with them my personal experience as a student, as an alumni, as a parent, and also as an employee and I talk a lot about the family atmosphere.”m Cloud said she believes that it is relatively easy to promote the school as “(it) sells itself” because of its academics, athletic  and overall culture. 

Cloud said,  “I love Cathedral High School. I love how it transforms lives. I love how it transformed my life, and how it’s transformed my children’s lives.”

Her true passion is in “meeting new families and getting to know students and watching them grow into adults.” The most fulfilling part of the job for her, Cloud said, is “watching the academic transformation, the physical transformation, spiritual and emotional.” 

The admissions department now turns its focus on the school’s annual Open House, which is scheduled for Nov. 14.