Irish improv team to host Halloween show

Audience encouraged to dress up

Jameson Browne, News Editor

The first improv show of the year is coming up and theatre director Mr. Tristan Zavaleta hopes to get as many people in attendance as possible to see the team and to celebrate the season.

The Irish improv team, formerly knows as ComedySportz, is hosting a Halloween show on Oct. 29 at 6:30 p.m in the auditorium. In an email, Zavaleta wrote, “This is our first non-ComedySportz improv show, so we would love to get as much support as possible.”

This year’s team consists of 8 members:Ashley Lay, Claire Hunter, Claudia Lowe, Patrick Downey and Lindsey Huntzinger along with newcomers Tom Kress, Aidan Betts and Jaqcueline Gantz.

The show will be free and the audience is encouraged to dress up in Halloween costumes.