Face Off: President Trump should not be impeached


Junior Ethan Eckhart

Ethan Eckhart

Recently America has received the news of possible impeachment of our 45th president, Donald J. Trump. Personally, I find this news sickening, for I cannot see why anyone would want to impeach such an exceptional president.

The only campaign the Democrats have run is one against President Trump. While on this tirade they have failed to put America first, and the only victory they receive is when they succeeded to harm the reputation of President Trump and his colleagues.

I strongly believe this impeachment is wrong for two main reasons.

First, this whole entire process has been a debacle for many reasons. The speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, does in fact have the right to inquire for an impeachment; however, the process she went about did not follow typical protocol. She never called for a vote to begin impeachment proceeding. Therefore, there still needs to be a vote recorded by all 435 members of the House.

Impeachment of the President will only pass in the liberally controlled left; however, the conservative, Republican-controlled Senate will never agree to impeach the president.

Another issue is the whistleblower. He or she contacted Rep. Adam Schiff before making his or her complaint.

The final issue causing this immense debate is that Democrats are kicking Republicans out of closed door meetings; therefore, this is a partisan issue rather than a bipartisan issue.

My second reason why President Trump should not be impeached is why would you ever want to impeach an America first president? President Trump uses a systematic approach of making America strong first before we are able to intersect into other countries’ feuds. He pulled out of NAFTA, which resulted in unfavorable trade policies toward the United States and reduced taxes for both companies and individuals.

He also created higher standards in our immigration policy, so those who lawfully came to the United States feel respected and valued. However, those who come illegally are not welcomed, since they technically pose a threat and have committed a crime.

I have never felt more comfortable with President Donald J. Trump as my chief executive and commander in chief, and I will continue to feel this way for the next five year.