Dining services to offer after-school options

Exact menu, prices to be finalized


Jackson Hern

Students buy food in the cafeteria during flex on Oct. 25. Starting Oct. 28, they also will be able to make purchases after school.

Jackson Hern, Reporter

As of Oct. 28, the cafeteria will begin serving food after school for students and faculty.

Mr. Jonathan Newlin, the director of the Flik Independent School Dining here, cited three main reasons for this decision. First, this opening will provide some after school/before practice sustenance for students, many of whom are here for hours after school throughout the week. Second, Newlin said this will hopefully help transition into a time where, he said, “we provide meals to athletics and all other student activities after school as opposed to outside caterers.” Finally, “We are a business after all,” said Newlin. “All catering we do helps reduce costs to the school at the end of the month.”

The exact menu is still being determined, but some combination of chicken, pizza, burgers, wraps/salads and fries is likely to be available. The exact schedule also needs to be finalized, as some days are better than others to offer this service, according to Newlin. In addition, other items on Newlin’s agenda include offering this food at the concession stand in the WAC.

The prices for the menu are currently being finalized as well, but it is important to note that students will be responsible for the costs of their food. As of now, students on the meal plan may not use this service with their cards.