It’s time for No-Shave November

Annual fundraiser returns to help raise cancer awareness


Cathedran file photo

Males who pay $10 to one of three teachers for the benefit of cancer research are allowed to participate in No-Shave November.

Ashlynn Bakemeyer, Reporter

No-Shave November is back. This annual charity event helps raise money and awareness to help fight cancer. During No-Shave November men do not shave, groom or cut their facial hair during the month. 

The deadline for participation is at the end of the day on Oct. 31. Students who are interested should pay $10 to either Mrs. Liz Browning (Room 2303), Mr. Jim Hanna (Room 2201) or Mrs. Karen Hovanec (Room 3302).

A list of students taking part in No-Shave November will be shared with the administration and all other teachers on the morning Nov. 1 to make sure the students who are not partaking in the event remain shaved and groomed and the students who are participating will not be disciplined. 

All proceeds will benefit cancer research.