From counselor to transportation director

Bamrick adjusts to his new role


Cathedran file photo

One of the many jobs of transportation director Mr. Greg Bamrick was to arrange all the buses for the school’s annual day of service. Students board a bus near the traffic circle.

Maddie Wirth, Reporter

Change can be difficult, and for director of transportation Mr. Greg Bamrick, the transition from counseling to his new role has been a little more challenging than he may have initially thought.

Bamrick, although still adjusting, said that he’s getting better at his everyday tasks. A typical day for him involves reviewing schedules, meeting with his bus drivers, assisting area grade schools’ transportation systems and checking in on morning and after school routes.

Weekends are usually different for Bamrick as he has game plans of his own on a busy Saturday morning when several teams may need to head out. Some rides can begin as early as 6 a.m. “There are Saturdays where every bus is used and every driver is used,” he said.

Bamrick typically opts out on driving, unless necessary, in case of an emergency such as a vehicle breakdown or a flat tire so he can quickly access the problem and get it solved efficiently.

Each day comes with new challenges. Bamrick said, “No day looks like the next. It’s unpredictable with many variables.”

He said the pace is much similar to working as a counselor. He is used to these adjustments in his fluctuating schedules and unforeseeable situations. 

His job takes a lot of organization and there is no better example of his efforts than on the day of service. Although he described his first annual day of service in his new position as “absolute chaos,” it went on without a hitch.  “On a day where you are trying to get around 1,300 people to their prospective areas, it is extremely difficult. These are the days where you cannot afford any hiccups,” Bamrick said. 

He credits the day’s smooth sailing to administrator for Christian service Mrs. Shannon Fox ‘80. They worked together closely for months, with her coordinating with different agencies to serve and him coordinating how they were going to get to those agencies. 

An aspect of his new job that is much different for him, however, is the amount of time he has to spend with the students. Bamrick said he misses “interacting and building relationships with the students” most. 

“It has been a difficult change with once leading kids on a daily basis to transitioning to leading adults,” said Bamrick.

But his favorite part as the director of transportation involves serving others. He said his Number-1 priority always is that “this is a family and all riders should be treated professionally and with the utmost respect.”