Face Off: Not a big fan of TikTok


Colin Bilbrey

junior Jameson Browne

Ava Amos

TikTok is the world’s fastest growing social media platform and has been downloaded over 1.2 billion times, whereas Snapchat only has 190 million downloads, Instagram 1 billion and Twitter 330 million. 

If you don’t know what Tik Tok is, which I’m sure everyone does by now, it’s a global video community where you can edit, share and comment on short musical comedy or talent videos that can range from three seconds to one minute. It’s available in over 150 countries and in 75 different languages. 

Most apps only allow users to mainly share with friends, but with TikTok people can share worldwide. Users can easily get millions of views and likes on their content and can gain followers fast, too. 

When Tik Tok first started getting popular, I thought it was dumb and I didn’t get all the hype. Yet everyone started getting it at school and were making videos in the courtyard of them dancing and lip syncing to different sounds, so it was kind of hard for me not to check it out. 

Once I actually downloaded it and made an account, I couldn’t stay off it. It’s so addicting. My friends and I make videos a lot and they’re super fun to do. The minutes the app is used per month worldwide exceeds Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and essentially all other major social media platforms, which is why TikTok is so much better than every other social media. There are also couple TikTok famous people here at as well, such as senior Elliott Rodgers and junior Ethan Marasco. 

The app’s many different entertainment features allows it to provide a fun pastime. I think everyone should get it. Some people may hate on it now like I did, but once you actually get the app yourself you won’t be able to stay off it. Trust me.