Resource Center is here to help every student

From Loretto 2216, Roberts coordinates variety of services


Gracie Carr

Mrs. Sheila Roberts, who serves as the director of the Learning Resource Center, works at her desk in Loretto 2216.

Madison Spiegel , Reporter

Mrs. Sheila Roberts, who is in her second year serving as the director of the Learning Resources Center, spends a great deal of time completing required state and federal paperwork, but when she isn’t, she’s helping more than 10% of the student body.

Roberts’ job involves her meeting with students who have a 504 plan, which ensures that students with disabilities receive the accommodations necessary for their academic success. A 504 plan is for someone who has been diagnosed with a psychological, medical or learning disabilities. She said the majority of the students she help struggle with ADHD and anxiety or math disabilities. She also helps upperclassmen with SAT and ACT accommodations.

Every week Roberts checks in with counselors to see if any students need additional assistance. She said that it is important to note that students in the Learning Resource Center are different from those enrolled in the language support program, which helps individuals with challenges such as dyslexia.

Another part of her job includes working with Indianapolis Public Schools. She helps students who come from public schools with their tradition to this school. Since Cathedral is located in the IPS district, any student here is considered an IPS student for testing purposes. If the district that student comes from notices that an individual might need accommodations but the student has never been evaluated, the district can test them. Roberts makes sure that the students are being advocated for so that they can get the accommodations that they need.

Roberts directs the Learning Resource Center, which is located in Loretto Hall on the first floor, Room 2216.  It is for all students to visit when they need any help. There are always teachers available to assist you in writing an essay or completing your math problems.

She wants it to be clear that all students, not just those with accommodations, can go to the Learning Resource Center because everyone needs help sometimes. “Anybody can come to the Learning Resource Center,” Roberts said. “It’s not just for kids with accommodations.”

Roberts said her favorite part of the job is knowing that she is helping students and making them be the best student they can be. She said it is especially rewarding when she hears from a student who has overcome a challenge, such as struggling on math tests, or who is being successful in a more advanced class.