Vice principal reminds students of ban on coats

Winter wear not to be worn in class, Saum says


Madison Spiegel

The temperature dropped to 10 degrees on the morning of Nov. 12, causing students to pick up the pace on the walk between Loretto and the Shiel Student Life Center.

Madison Spiegel , Reporter

Vice Principal Ms. Kathy Saum reminds students that they are not allowed to wear coats or jackets in classrooms.

Saum said because the school has three buildings, during the winter the student body does not look as uniform as usual. Students are allowed to wear coats and jackets, winter hats and even gloves. But this applies only when walking to class, outside or in the halls. Once students reach a classroom, they must take off anything that is not the required uniform. The required uniform consists closed toed shoes, Cathedral khakis, a uniform shirt or sweatshirt and your class lanyard.

If you are not in uniform or refuse to get into uniform this will result in a detention or some type of punishment. Saum said she sees an increase in detentions in the winter because of their uniform. She said, “We are a uniform school, not a ski lodge.”

Because students get cold in their classrooms during the winter, the school went as far as to make the most popular sweatshirts in the spirit shop part of the school uniform. Saum said, “We want students to stay warm, especially when walking from Kelly Hall to Cunningham.”