Director provides details on starting a new club

Ernst notes organizations must align with school’s values


Cathedran file photo

CTEC is one of the dozens of clubs offered on this campus.

Ella Bundy , Reporter

This school offers dozens clubs and activities, including for sports, academics, games, politics, books, diversity and language (such as the German and the French clubs).

But students aren’t limited to the current list. They also have the opportunity to create clubs. Club ideas are reviewed by Mr. Anthony Ernst, director of student activities. 

“The first step to creating a club is finding a moderator. This adult has to be currently working here, someone who is on campus,” Ernst said. “Know that a discussion with that moderator will be had after you submit their name, so be sure to get their approval first. They do have a hand in the club’s creation.”

Then a club has to have five charter members (also known as original or founding members.) These members will be contacted as well, so they should play a part in the club planning. 

Next, the club needs a mission. “You and your charter members must author a mission that aligns with our Holy Cross values and school mission statement. Seek out input from your moderator in doing this as well,” said Ernst.

There also has to be a way to pay for expenses. 

The final step is to create an idea, which should be written out in a way that includes all these steps. “A formal document including all the things I’ve listed must be created and given to me so I can review it. If I have unanswered questions I’ll follow you up on it,” said Ernst.

“We get several proposals a year,” said Ernst. “Some don’t follow through with their mission, but most go through the process and become clubs and activities.”

Ernst has said that he enjoys his work here. He said, “One of the things I love about Cathedral is how we work to bring something new to the students outside of the classroom, and that our activities are student driven and motivated.”