Crew member adds her perspective on fall play

“Radium Girls” opens Nov. 22 in the auditorium


Nya Huff

The sign on the locker of freshman Anna Elpers shows her involvement in the fall play as a member of the crew.

Nya Huff, Reporter

The fall play, “Radium Girls,” opens on Nov. 22, and a freshman member of the crew has been one of the many students who has played a key role in getting the production ready for the stage. 

Freshman Anna Elpers said that to prepare for the play “(we) got to build part of the set during my tech crew class.” In addition to taking a tech theatre course, she also is on paint crew for the play. 

“Tech weeks” were also used to get everything set before the play goes public. Elpers said those tech weeks weren’t “as bad as I thought it was. I won’t have as much time to do my work.” The crew stayed until 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday on a typical week, but on a tech week, they worked until 7 p.m. 

Elpers said there is a lot to look forward to in the play. “The set is amazing. The grand staircase looks really cool, even though it took forever to build.” She also said that the paint and construction crews are behind the scenes, and seeing what they put together from her spot on stage right is impressive. 

Only four freshmen are members of the theater crew for the fall play. With Elpers being one of them, she said that it can sometimes be awkward because her tech theater class is composed mostly senior boys, but with paint crew, that’s not the case. Elpers said, “Paint crew is all girls and we’re pretty close. It’s definitely different.”

Elpers said she is not nervous for the show to go on, as she is not performing, but she is looking forward to it and finds herself a little jittery. She showed her eagerness when she said, “My family will see it. They’re excited which makes me excited.” She also said that the jitters are coming from the desire to have no mess ups like last time. 

There is a tech crew for each production the school puts on, including this year’s spring musical. Elpers said, “I would recommend people to join crew. It is a great experience, especially if you have friends with you. If you don’t have friends in there, it’s a great place to make new ones.”